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Exteriors Outdoor Styling services provide custom seasonal container designs for planters and window boxes four times per year. For commercial properties such as restaurants, apartment and office buildings, hospitality and retail, your exterior reflects the quality of your services. Curb appeal is essential in creating a great first impression to potential clientele. The four distinct seasons of the Washington, DC metropolitan area require four different plant palettes to keep your property looking its best all year.

All of our seasonal offerings are professionally designed and installed, reflecting the style of your business, utilizing high quality regionally grown plants and seasonal decor. Maintenance services during the summer months are available to keep plants looking lush, well kept and tidy. Container garden design can enhance the offerings of your business with creative outdoor workspaces, edible vegetable gardens, comfortable rooftop gardens, and drifts of colorful flowers that attract shoppers, customers, tenants and residents.  

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