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Exteriors Outdoor Styling services provide custom seasonal container designs for planters and window boxes four times per year. Your design will reflect your own personal aesthetic and compliment the architecture of your home and style of your existing garden. Sourcing the area's highest quality annuals, perennials, edibles and evergreen plants from growers with the highest standards, we design for the individual needs of your unique outdoor space. Premium slow release potting soil, unique seasonal decor and custom maintenance ensures that your planters look beautiful year round. 

Following your personal consultation, we provide a customized proposal that outlines your annual container design program, considering the ideal location for your containers, the individual site requirements and your unique color preferences. Container garden design services include design, plant sourcing, ordering, delivery, clean out, installation and cleanup. Care and watering instructions are provided following installation to ensure your planters stay beautiful all season. Maintenance services can be added for the summer season for clients looking for a full service solution. Exteriors sources high quality planters for clients desiring a fresh look in their outdoor spaces, perfectly selected and scales for the style and size of each residence.

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