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Hello, and welcome to Exteriors Outdoor Styling by Great American Landscapes. Exteriors was founded in 2014 by Julie Friedman, a landscape designer with a passion for container garden design. After a decade creating seasonal container plantings, Exteriors portfolio features ornamental perennials, colorful annuals, edibles and evergreens that are integrated and planted within beautifully designed, high quality planters. 

Exteriors 'Jewel Box Collection' uses the most vibrant plant material each season and provides immediate results in the garden, outdoor rooms and public spaces, broadened across all seasons of the year with residential and commercial work. 

Exteriors passion for creating beautiful outdoor spaces that make nature accessible no matter the size of home or garden has evolved through the years to include outdoor styling with custom furniture, decor and accessories. Creating close relationships with clients to help each of them individually discover and refine their personal outdoor aesthetic preferences results in beautiful outdoor rooms

We hope to share the peace we feel in nature with our clients, fueling creativity and bringing beauty to homes, restaurants, retail, commercial sites and institutions. We look forward to working with you.

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